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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I send my deposit?
    I prefer Applepay, Cashapp, or Zelle but I do have other options (Paypal and Venmo are not accepted)
  • Do you have a menu?
    No I do not have a set menu because I prefer to have a unique experience with each individual without having the restrictions of a menu. I do offer a few different things which you can ask about at the time of booking your appointment or anytime leading up to it.
  • Do you allow outfit request?
    Yes I do I love to dress up and have lots of new outfits and other outfits that you may see pictured on my social media. Feel free to request something particular and if I don't have it on hand I'll try to wear something similar. You can always gift me an outfit that you'd like me to wear or send a gift card so I can get it.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    For initial contact the best way to reach me is always via my booking form. You may send a text if you already do have my number but if we haven't connected I do recommend completing the form for a smoother booking process. Please select Book Me and complete my form Prior to Contacting via Text/Call/Email/etc.
  • Do you Travel?
    I am currently only available for travel with advanced booking. so please take that into account when contacting for an appointment outside of my touring schedule. I do welcome travel engagements and Fly Me To You dates anywhere in The U.S. with a 48-72 hour notice, screening, deposit, and other requirements met.
  • Do you tour?
    Yes. I do tour and will typically announce tour dates ahead to get enough bookings to confirm. Without receiving enough bookings a tour may be cancelled or rescheduled. In the event that I have to cancel I do return the full deposit back.
  • When are you coming to my city?
    I love to travel but unfortunately it can be expensive and preparing for a trip can sometimes be a little more costly than expected due to overhead. In order ensure that I have a successful tour I do require at least a few deposits for a city in order to confirm my travel dates. In the past I have taken a few spontaneous trips but I will no longer be doing that in order to prioritize my time and minimize expenses. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in sponsoring my tour to your city or booking a DMTY/FMTY.
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